Fixing the Chicago Cubs: Manager for a Day

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I'm no major league manager by any means, I'm just a die-hard fan who is extremely disgruntled at his beloved Chicago Cubs. But please allow me to take this opportunity to become the Chicago Cubs manager for one day, and let me propose what I'm going to do to fix the Chicago Cubs to make them a World Series contender once again. I'm warning you: things are about to get ugly. Begin Slideshow

Chicago Cubs: Turning It All Around, Part I (Corner Infield)

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The Cubs are 9.5 games out of first place in the National League Central as of Tuesday morning. That's good for fourth place in the division behind the Reds, Cardinals, and Brewers. One of the more concerning things about that picture is that the Brewers, who are considered by many to be out of contention altogether at this point, have inched their way past the Cubs. Yes, the difference between the two teams is only one game, but it's simply one more sign that this season needs to turn around fast if the Cubs are going to have a shot at ...

Chicago Cubs to Put Carlos Zambrano on Restricted List and Other MLB Notes

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I saw a report on today that the Cubs have decided to place Carlos Zambrano on the Restricted List the way they did with Milton Bradley late last season.  Zambrano will reportedly not be back in a Cubs’ uniform until at least the All-Star Break, because the Cubs want Zambrano to get anger-management counseling. I can’t help but notice that within a day or two of Zambrano blowing up in the dugout, because he apparently felt first baseman Derrek Lee hadn’t made enough effort on a ground ball by Juan Pierre that went for a double, the Rays’ Evan Longoria ...

Carlos Zambrano Headed To Philly?

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In January 2010 Joel Sherman of the New York Post reported that two American League officials said the Cubs were "definitely dangling" Carlos Zambrano, while conceding he would not waive his no-trade clause. At that time Cubs general manager Jim Hendry declined to discuss the report. Recent events (Friday's dugout incident) may have the Cubs "dangling" Zambrano, and it is likely that he would now waive that no-trade clause. Zabrano's salary is nearly $19 million per year and runs through 2012. This, along with the Cubs (manager Lou Piniella and Hendry) labeling him a head case, will make moving him a challenge. To make matters worse, ...

Player Profile: Josh Vitters of the Chicago Cubs

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Coming out of Cypress High School (Anaheim, CA), Josh Vitters was considered one of the most polished high school hitters in the 2007 draft. His arm strength was excellent and considered his best defensive tool, but defense was his weakness. He had no range, was a below average fielder, and had no running speed. Still, the Cubs selected him as their No. 1 pick in 2007, and Baseball America currently lists him as the No. 3 prospect in their organization. That decision appears to be starting to pay off. Last summer Vitters hit for both average (.316) and power (15 home runs) in 70 ...

Carlos Zambrano Must Be Released By Chicago Cubs

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On Monday afternoon, Chicago Cubs GM Jim Hendry announced that starting/relief/not-really pitcher Carlos Zambrano would enter some form of treatment program and would be placed on baseball's "restricted list" until after the All-Star break. Restricted? Does he have to trade his boxers for briefs for the next three weeks? My suggestion is that the Cubs treat Zambrano the way he treated his teammates on Saturday, and the way he's been treating his fans' hopes for the last four years: open the door, kick, close door, deadbolt. Zambrano is a wasted roster spot and, even worse, an epic disaster of a contract. ...

Carlos Zambrano Put on Restricted List by Chicago Cubs

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As a result of Carlos Zambrano’s tirade on Friday, the Chicago Cubs have placed Zambrano on the restricted list. So what exactly does that mean? The restricted list is a list of players to whom certain teams have contractual obligations, but are currently not a part of the team and may not play in an MLB game. Players on the restricted list do not count towards a team’s 25-man or 40-man roster. Beginning Tuesday, Zambrano will be paid and has agreed to go through a treatment program that will have him away from the team until at least July 15th. A team ...

Carlos Zambrano On Paid Restricted List Through The All-Star Break

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Chicago Cubs general manager Jim Hendry announced on Monday that pitcher Carlos Zambrano was placed on MLB's restricted list, and will not rejoin the team until the All-Star break is over. According to Hendry, the negotiations were very amicable, with both Zambrano's agent Barry Praver and Hendry working with the player's union to come to a resolution without rancor. When Zambrano does return, Hendry indicated that it will be up to Cubs manager Lou Piniella and pitching coach Larry Rothschild when and where Big Z will pitch. Hendry did acknowledge that it would likely be the bullpen. During Saturday's game against the ...

MLB Chicago Cubs: Carlos Zambrano Loses His Mind

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I saw a lot of players throw hissy fits back when I was in Little League. It was usually the coaches son who was used to getting everything he wanted, and when something didn’t go his way on the field, they would throw a temper tantrum. I think we have all played with a kid like that before. However, I don’t think any of us have ever played with a player who threw a hissy fit quite like Carlos Zambrano did on Friday. Zambrano completely lost his mind after the bottom of the first inning against the Chicago White Sox. After giving ...

Carlos Zambrano Aftermath, Boston Red Sox Injury Woes, Fantasy Grab of the Week

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Lots to cover in today’s blog, starting with the dysfunctional dugout of the Chicago Cubs, where Carlos Zambrano has made a spectacle of himself several times over the years. He’s ranted and raved, smashed a Gatorade machine, thrown gloves, bats and balls, left games prior to their conclusion, and generally been the proverbial ticking time bomb. In the past, his blowups have been mostly amusing. My personal favorite was the time he attempted to throw the umpire out of the game after being ejected himself for arguing a close call at home plate. The prior low point was the fistfight with ...

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