Former Slugger Mike Sweeney Joins Bob Salomon’s Vision to Reshape Sports

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Cubs fans, I'd like to share something with you that is a rare positive story in today's otherwise negative baseball world, in the hope that you will join me in helping Bob Salomon. Salomon is more than just a coach, husband and proud father. He is most recognized as the driving force behind the award-winning children’s book A Glove of Their Own, a story about paying it forward and children who play baseball simply for the love of the game. Salomon created a grass roots campaign to raise awareness that has blossomed into a movement. This movement involves current and former Major Leaguers, including Craig Biggio, ...

Cubs 2012 Season Looking Less and Less “Sacred” to Epstein and Hoyer

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Theo Epstein’s introduction as President of the Chicago Cubs was impressive.  You won’t see a sports executive as glib and articulate as the 38 year-old Epstein. When it comes to “winning the press conference,” few have won as convincingly as he did.  Some six months later, what stands out most from that October morning is Epstein’s proclamation that “every opportunity to win is sacred.” At this point – having recently completed the franchise's longest losing streak in over a decade– 2012 appears to be the exception to Epstein’s first promise to long-suffering Cub fans. Epstein and GM Jed Hoyer inherited bad players ...

Why Theo Epstein’s Approach Might Not Work for the Chicago Cubs

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The Chicago Cubs have only the abysmal Minnesota Twins and San Diego Padres to thank for keeping themselves out of the basement of baseball following Tuesday's 5-3 win over San Diego. Sitting at 17-32 after an encouraging early May start has Theo Epstein and Jed Hoyer sticking to their guns without making any quick-trigger decisions.But thanks to the worse-than-expected start, the only thing hotter than summer weather in Chicago could be the seat under Epstein's $15 million bottom.Two months into the season, one has to wonder, did Epstein really know what he was getting himself into?Epstein is dealing with the ...

Chicago Cubs: 5 Reasons Why Life as Worst Team Is Not so Bad

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At the time of this writing, the Chicago Cubs were tied with the Minnesota Twins as MLB's worst team. But having finally broken a long and arduous losing streak that tested even the most die-hard fans, I think we already know they are bad. But I'm here to tell you, in a humorous way, why the losing is not the end of the world. In fact, from a pure baseball standpoint, it's fine. When we signed on to the Theo Epstein plan, we agreed to this. The Cubs are in a rebuilding process that will take several years. Unless they get impatient, following their plan means the ...

MLB Draft 2012: Chicago Cubs to Focus on Adding Pitching Depth

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Chicago Cubs general manager Jed Hoyer told Bruce Miles of the Daily Herald that his team is going to focus on adding pitching depth in the upcoming MLB draft. While it does provide us some insight into what the Cubs are going to do, that is still a very broad statement. What exactly does Hoyer mean by pitching depth? The past few years have been incredibly frustrating for the Chicago Cubs. Even though they have had limited World Series success in the past, their fans are at least accustomed to doing decent during the regular season and then faltering. Since ...

Chicago Cubs: 4 Moves to Accelerate the Rebuilding Process

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With the Cubs currently tied for the worst record in the majors at 15-32, the expectation is that newly minted President of Baseball Operations Theo Epstein will be making some major moves to accelerate the Cubs' rebuilding process.Epstein will have at his disposal a middle-of-the-road farm system, some aging veteran trade bait and a flexible payroll to help turn things around.Begin Slideshow

Re-Ranking the Chicago Cubs’ Top 10 Prospects

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During these gloomy days on the North Side, Chicago Cubs fans can only continue to hope that the future is bright for their beloved team.The only way that will happen, though, is with a strong farm system, something that Theo Epstein and his team will hope to build over the years.For now, the Cubs have a lot of really talented prospects on the cusp of making a name for themselves, but it all really depends on how they will translate to the big leagues.For now though, these are were the team's 10 best prospects currently stand. Any stats found in this ...

Change of Scenery: How the Cubs and Angels Can Turn Things Around

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Albert Pujols, for lack of a friendlier word, has imploded since he signed with Anaheim.Meanwhile, in America's Second City, Alfonso Soriano has faded from relevance and Ryan Dempster has struggled with adversity for years.The only thing in common for all three is that their contracts have proven to be giant albatrosses for all parties involved.Only one solution remains, and while crazy, it solves problems for all involved; trade Pujols, rid Soriano and Dempster of the neglect they've had as members of the Chicago Cubs, and begin to put people in the seats at Waveland and Sheffield again.Now, hear me out ...

Chicago Cubs: Why They Shouldn’t Trade Alfonso Soriano

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I know the popular opinion is and has been for years that the Chicago Cubs need to do whatever they can do to trade Alfonso Soriano. I think it would be a huge mistake to trade him. Soriano has two years left on his deal after this season. He is due to make somewhere around $50 million over the remainder of his contract. The Cubs are currently paying Carlos Zambrano and Marlon Byrd to play elsewhere. They are paying over $20 million for those two to play for Miami and Boston, respectively. If they were able to find a taker for ...

MLB Prospects: 10 Players Who Could Receive a Big-Time Promotion

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Nearly two months into the minor League baseball season, there are numerous players who are on the verge of a promotion. While some teams are merely waiting for the right time to call up their big league-ready prospect, others are gradually pushing along their respective prospects to fit their long-term plan.Here I’ve identified 10 players tearing up the minors—either on the mound or at the plate—whose performance could merit a promotion to a higher level. Begin Slideshow

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