Chicago Cubs Looking at Damaged Goods On The Free Agent Market

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The Chicago Cubs are looking to acquire at least one veteran starter, even though their rotation appears to be set.  While they appear to have a rotation set, the Cubs would like to add depth to the rotation, given the questions that surround a staff led by Carlos Zambrano.It would appear that Zambrano, Ryan Dempster, Carlos Silva and possibly Randy Wells are locks.  Tom Gorzelanny has earned a spot in the rotation after spending a great deal of time there down the stretch and will be given every opportunity to be there come April.However, beyond those five, unproven pitchers like ...

Chicago Cubs Shopping for First Basemen, But Who’s Actually Close to Signing?

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It's no surprise that the Chicago Cubs are looking for an everyday starter at 1st base, especially after they lost Derrek Lee in a trade.They also lost Micah Hoffpauir after he signed with the Nippon Ham Fighters in Japan. Hoffpauir was the front runner for the starting job.But also adding to this, the Cubs have not won a World Series in over 100 years, making them more desperate to acquire a dependable bat.There are many candidates for the job, with a good free agent market at 1st base this offseason. But here are the closest possibilities.Begin Slideshow

10 Things Tom Ricketts Needs to Do to Bring a Championship to the North Side

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When Tom Ricketts took over the Cubs coming into the 2010 season, there was new-found hope throughout the entire Cubs fan base. A lifelong fan had bought the team. Surely a World Series was in the works.Since then, all that's happened is more of the same. If Tom Ricketts (who admits he isn't "a baseball person") wants to bring a World Series trophy to the Cubs, he's going to have to shake things up.Begin Slideshow

Chicago Cubs: Looming Offseason Decisions, Part V (External Options)

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This is the final part of a series of articles outlining the decisions that the Cubs will need to make this offseason. You can read part four by following this link. Jim Hendry has already said that he's more concerned about making "two or three really good moves" than relying on the splash factor of one move. So, for those of you looking at the big name free agents with large price tags, or even a potential trade for Adrian Gonzalez, don't get your hopes up too high. Instead, look for the Cubs to get guys that fit the team and their ...

New York Yankees Hire Larry Rothschild: Greg Maddux Next Up for Chicago Cubs?

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In a surprise move Friday, the New York Yankees replaced fired pitching coach Dave Eiland with the Cubs' Larry Rothschild. The Cubs longtime coach had survived several managerial regimes, but will now coach for former Cub Joe Girardi in the Bronx. Rothschild was not known to be on the Yankees list of candidates, but he cited personal reasons for making the switch. Per Wallace Matthews report on ESPN: "My reasons for pursuing and accepting this opportunity are personal and family-based, as the Yankees hold spring training in, and travel several times a year to, my hometown of Tampa. The chance ...

Diamond in the Ivy: 1983 Chicago Cubs Team-Signed Ball

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A rare find. Cubbie fans, you won't believe this one. While visiting with my parents today, I noticed a baseball inside the house and didn't think much of it. I have a little brother who is 12, so I just figured it was something of his not valuable since it was lying around. When I picked it up, a name jumped out at me instantly: Bill Buckner. Being the Yankee fan that I am, I was thinking this was a Red Sox baseball right off the bat. Before I got too excited and started investigating the names on the ball, I wanted to be sure that ...

The Ricketts Double Play

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When the Cubs ownership changed hands, some friends of mine with maybe more insight and inside dope than me, suggested that we would long for the days of the Tribune's corporate ownership sooner than we ever imagined. Well, maybe not the current batch of bankrupt blockheads who managed to sell off the only really profitable division of their empire, but it makes you wonder in a way about the crisis of American capitalism in a nutshell.Anyway, needless to say everybody is weighing in on the great plan, and so far the verdict is not ...

Chicago Cubs Potential Targets: New Trio of Names Emerge

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If there's any spot that will see a big difference in the Cubs' lineup on Opening Day, it's that infield's right side. While Starlin Castro and Aramis Ramirez are as locked-in as it gets on the left, Blake DeWitt is still a question at second, along with the void at first that was left by the departure of Derrek Lee.   There have been a number of potential candidates named as to who could fill these voids, primarily at first base. However, with the payroll expected to be a little tighter than last season, the Cubs are expected to look ...

Chicago Cubs: Looming Offseason Decisions, Part IV (In-House Lineup Options)

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This is part four of a series of articles outlining the decisions that the Cubs will need to make this offseason. You can read part three by following this link. After Aramis Ramirez exercised his $14.6 million player option, the Cubs' only true free agent was Xavier Nady. Since then, Brad Snyder was outrighted off the 40-man roster and opted to join Nady in the pool of free agents, leaving the Cubs with only 15 position players. That's obviously a number that will need to increase, but most of the spots on the Opening Day roster will probably be filled by players ...

Wrigley Field Renovations: Why Not Spend the Money on a New Stadium?

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Now I realize this will be considered blasphemous to most Cubs fans, but I have an idea. Instead of trying to pass a bill in the Illinois legislature to take part of the 12 percent city of Chicago and Cook County amusement tax and set it aside for the purpose of renovating Wrigley Field, why not build a new one? Look, I understand the quaint charm of the old ballpark on the north side, but let's face it, folks: It is antiquated and needs to be used for other purposes if it cannot be torn down. It's like having an ...

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