Ranking the Top 10 Prospects in the Chicago Cubs’ Farm System

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While the Chicago Cubs’ current on-field product may be lacking and lead to a few more seasons in the cellar of the NL Central, there is hope around the corner. Both Theo Epstein and Jed Hoyer have already made it clear that they plan to build around Anthony Rizzo, Starlin Castro and Jeff Samardzija and have quietly added numerous pieces over the last year through trades and the draft. Their farm system is stacked with high-ceiling bats at premium positions; however, almost all of them, except for Brett Jackson, are still several years away from contributing at the big-league level. ...

Chicago Cubs: Quick Trade Fixes for the Cubs

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The Cubs’ weaknesses are well known and glaring. They need help in the starting rotation and support in the bullpen.  Their team batting average against lefties was horrible in 2012, as was their overall batting average, on-base percentage, OPS, BABIP and runs scored. To show any notable improvement in 2013 the Cubs will need to be crafty in their moves this offseason.   In some deals they will need to sacrifice average for OBP, and some vice-versa. There are options in the free-agent market that could resolve some of the pitching and multiple batting issues, and make the Cubs more competitive ...

Predicting the 2013 Chicago Cubs’ Starting Rotation

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The only thing that kept the Chicago Cubs from finishing in last place in their division last year was a team that is no longer in their division, the Houston Astros. Needless to say, the 2013 Cubs will be looking to improve on their 101 loss season of 2012.A good jumping off point for improvement will be the starting rotation, as the Cubs sported the third worst ERA in the National League in 2012 with a 4.51. Only the Colorado Rockies and the Houston Astros finished lower than the Cubs in ERA in the National League, and it should be ...

Projecting When Theo Epstein’s Chicago Cubs Will Be Competitive

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The Chicago Cubs have been lost in mediocrity and sometimes sub-mediocrity for some years now. Locked into bad contracts and stuck with a farm system that has not been producing top talent, the Cubs have struggled to stay competitive.Organizational management has been a bit of an issue to say the least. With the old regime gone and the new Theo Epstein regime steadily in place, Cubs fans have a future to look forward to.But when does that future become the now?Before we move any further, let's define what we mean by competitive. We aren't talking about lovable-loser, "we almost won, ...

Chicago Cubs: Top 5 Game Day Traditions

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One of the most enticing draws of being a Chicago Cubs fan is the rich history that surrounds the team and Wrigley Field. To still draw impressive crowds despite a century of loss is a testament to the club’s tradition. Tradition surrounds all of baseball. Whether it’s singing “Sweet Caroline” in Fenway Park or watching the President’s Race before a Washington Nationals game, anyone can feel the camaraderie and history at any baseball game. After 104 years without a World Series championship, it’s this type of tradition that keeps Cubs fans excited and showing up day after day. Following are ...

Chicago Cubs: Why Signing Brandon McCarthy Is a Must for 2013

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First things first, I'll admit to all you North Siders and fans of the "Loveable Losers" on Waveland Avenue, I'm not a Chicago Cubs fan. Sure, I've followed them via WGN when Don Zimmer led them to the playoffs in 1989, seeing Greg Maddux begin his ascent to baseball immortality and, of course, Sammy Sosa's role in the great summer of 1998.But I love the game. So I've seen everything that comes with being a Cubs fan and unlike the Red Sox, who were easy to loathe because they came off as a New York Yankees-lite, the Cubs were always ...

Chicago Cubs: 10 Best Roster Moves in Franchise History

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Last week, I posted a slideshow about the worst player personnel moves in Chicago Cubs history. But while I was researching that list, I also began compiling a list of the best player personnel moves in franchise history to complement the aforementioned worst list.So as promised, here is the list of the best player personnel moves in Chicago Cubs history.Begin Slideshow

5 Ways to Fix the Chicago Cubs for 2013

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The Chicago Cubs' humiliating 2012 season is over and their hopeful offseason is already underway.After going 61-101 last season, the Cubs hope to rebuild some key areas. It won't take a miracle to fix the Cubs, only a practical plan and some keen insight into the free agent market.Nearly all areas of the Cubs are in need of improvement and it won't happen overnight as some fans might hope.Their starting rotation and bullpen lack key players; a problem that started to show later in the season. Third base remains a mystery as does a handful of other positions in the ...

Chicago Cubs: Worst Player Personnel Moves in Team History

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The Chicago Cubs organization has made its fair share of questionable roster decisions in the past. There have been mind-boggling trades and head-scratching free agent signings to go along with decisions to not re-sign talented players. One of the many proclamations Theo Epstein and Jed Hoyer have made since coming to the North Side is their intention to not offer any more contracts with a no-trade clause. Ryan Dempster and Alfonso Soriano would be relevant examples why, but they both were 5/10 players. The reason for not offering no-trade clauses is to avoid having player contracts hinder the club’s plans ...

Chicago Cubs: Cubs’ Top 5 Draft Targets in the 2013 MLB Draft

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The key position the Cubs lack true depth in their farm system is pitching.  Most of their pitching talent, prospect-wise, lies in the lower levels of minor league baseball, within the arms of babes. They do have Arodys Vizcaino—whom they received in the August trade with Atlanta and should be considered their best pitching prospect—but he had Tommy John surgery in March, leaving the club’s hopes of stocking their pitching staff with players from within the organization still a few years away. The Cubs will need to focus on college pitching prospects so they can have talent to develop at ...

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