Chicago Cubs: 10 Reasons Yoenis Cespedes Is a Must-Sign for Theo Epstein

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Yoenis Cespedes remains at large.'s Jim Bowden reports that he will travel to the United States soon and begin meeting with teams face to face. So it would seem he is still at least two weeks away from signing.It is going to take a lot from teams to woo Cespedes. When it comes to international players, the city selection may be more important than the team. If he is uprooting his family, he will want to go to a city that suits his needs and expectations. Somewhere that is safe with good schools and all that hibbidy-jibbidy. The Cubs reportedly gave Kosuke ...

Chicago Cubs: Thank You, Ron Santo, You Made Life a Little More Colorful

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I'll never forget it.  Every time I smell "new" leather, it's what I think of.  I remember the feeling of slipping it on my hand.  I remember my dad showing me how to break it in so that it formed a nice big pocket with which I could easily close my hand around the ball. It was my first baseball glove.  A "Ron Santo" signature model.   I have had numerous gloves since then but, that's the only one I remember.  It is the one that defined to me what a baseball glove should feel ...

Cubs vs. Cardinals Position Comparison

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While this is one of baseball's greater rivalries, there has not been much competition the past few years. Will the Cubs close the gap on the Cardinals' dominance anytime soon? I will look at a position by position breakdown of the two teams entering the 2012 season and see what each team has to look forward to.Begin Slideshow

Report That Bud Selig to Require Significant Compensation from Cubs Is Laughable

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The Boston Red Sox's pipe dream of acquiring the Cubs top prospect (Brett Jackson) or a major player such as Matt Garza from the Cubs as compensation is so far off base I don't where to begin. Yet a recent report has an unnamed AL GM (aren't they always "unnamed sources?) suggesting that Bud Selig will use his magical powers to inflict wrath upon the Cubs organization now that the compensation issue is in his slimy hands. Hey Bud, isn't a century-plus of losing enough wrath for you? Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe quotes this anonymous GM as saying, "I don’t think ...

Chicago Cubs: Breaking Down the Top 5 Prospects in the Cubs’ Farm System

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A new regime has brought new hope to the Chicago Cubs. Of course, optimism is sanity for Cubs' fans after 103 years of watching other teams celebrating a World Series title. But Theo Epstein and Jed Hoyer are taking drastic steps to get this franchise away from the "lovable losers" we have seen. The first order of business is shedding albatross contracts and older players, and infusing the farm system with the kind of high-upside talent that has been missing for years.The system is in slightly better shape today than it was five years ago, but there is still a lot of ...

Matt Garza and the Chicago Cubs Likely to Go to Arbritration Hearing

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The Cubs record of participating in only one arbitration hearing since 1993 (Ryan Theriot, 2010) is in jeopardy. Matt Garza and the Cubs are more than $4.5 million apart and seemingly on their way toward a hearing.For those of you who don't know, the arbitration process works this way: both player and team submit a salary figure for the 2012 season and a panel of arbitrators pick one or the other. There is no in-between. Garza has submitted a figure of $12.5 million, while the Cubs have countered with $7.95 million. Note that Garza earned $5.95 million in 2011.In the meantime, teams usually come ...

Chicago Is Not a Bears Town, It’s a Cubs Town, and I’ll Tell You Why

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All you ever hear about in Chicago is how the city is all about the Chicago Bears.You hear it on the radio. You read it in the newspapers. You hear fans and other Chicagoans say it.But, let me be the one to tell you that they're all wrong.You have two baseball teams in Chicago—the Cubs and the White Sox. But, there is only one football team.So, theoretically, everyone is a Bears fan. While that might be true, the difference is in the game. Nobody would argue that if you're talking baseball only, it's a Cubs town. For a while, some ...

Chicago Cubs: Moves Theo Epstein Should Still Consider for 2012 Season

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With Carlos Zambrano's departure to the Miami Marlins to join fellow Venezuelan Ozzie Guillen, Cubs fans around the world rejoice in the fact that their clubhouse will no longer be as dramatic as a high school classroom.  Perhaps even more of a relief is the departure of Prince Fielder and Albert Pujols to the American League, both of whom had great success against the Cubs.  However, despite the recent additions of pitcher Chris Volstad and Andy Sonnanstine, as well as the much needed re-signing of Kerry Wood and Reed Johnson, there is still much work needed to be done before ...

5 Reasons Chicago Cubs’ Theo Epstein Should Not Chase Jorge Soler

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Jorge Soler's name is brought up by many as the next big thing to come from Cuba.The 19-year-old outfielder is seen as a project that needs developing. But he screams potential, and teams in every sport always seek players who have the word "potential" in their scouting report.Soler sounds like the perfect fit for the Chicago Cubs. The Cubs are in a rebuilding stage themselves, so why wouldn't the team be interested in a 19-year-old project who can be built up with the foundation that Theo Epstein is putting together?Not exactly.While on paper it may be a perfect fit for ...

Yoennis Cespedes Declared a Free Agent and Chicago Cubs Will Be Suitors

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 The kid said it himself: "Of all the teams who have come, the Chicago Cubs have been most interested." And now that MLB has granted his free-agency rights, expect the Cubs to go hard after the Cuban outfielder.  Many expect Yoenis Cespedes to sign a deal eclipsing the $30.25 million Aroldis Chapman received from the Cincinnati Reds in 2010.In fact, some even speculate Cespedes' potential contract could more than double this amount if the bidding gets hot.In addition to the Cubs, the Yankees, Phillies, Rangers, Blue Jays, White Sox, Marlins, Orioles, Tigers and Indians have apparently shown interest in Cespedes. Meanwhile, ...

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