Theo Epstein Needs to Turn the Chicago Cubs Around in One Season, but How?

October 22, 2011 by Owen Macleod · Leave a Comment 

Theo Epstein was just appointed President of Baseball Operations for the Chicago Cubs, and he has a laundry list of problems to fix. His priorities range from blockbuster contracts for lackluster players, a dismal farm system and a front office that just hasn't looked like they're on the same page since the whole Bartman thing.Epstein had immense success in his early years in Boston, but he was given a team with immense talent. The Red Sox let the Cubs interview Epstein about a possible position in their front office after a 2011 season in which the Red Sox went 7-20 ...

MLB Free Agents 2012: 10 Free Agents Theo Epstein and the Cubs Need to Target

October 22, 2011 by Jeff Chase · Leave a Comment 

Once the World Series ends, Chicago Cubs' new President Theo Epstein and General Manager Jed Hoyer will get started on making their mark on the Chicago Cubs. The first thing they are going to have to do is go out and get some talent because this club has many holes to fill.The Cubs likely won't be big spenders, but most either expect them to go after at least one big player or make an impact by bringing in a few solid veterans.Epstein and Hoyer have a lot of work ahead of them, but luckily they have a few pieces already ...

Chicago Cubs: Will Theo Epstein Lead This Cursed Franchise to Title?

October 22, 2011 by Ryan Rudnansky · Leave a Comment 

When you are mired in a curse, who do you call?Why not Theo Epstein, who led the Boston Red Sox to their first World Series title in 86 years, just two years after being appointed general manager?Epstein, now 37 years old, is credited with reversing the "Curse of the Bambino" at Fenway Park, acquiring key acquisitions David Ortiz, Kevin Millar and Curt Schilling before the team's improbable run to the championship in 2004. He made sure to add in another championship in 2007, as well.Now the Chicago Cubs are hoping Epstein can reverse the "Curse of the Billy Goat," brought ...

Cubs Epstein and Ricketts: Please Go Get Prince Fielder

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The deal is done.  Tom Ricketts has pulled off what many would have described as the impossible only a month ago.  Theo Epstein has quit his position as GM for the Boston Red Sox and accepted the job of President of Baseball Operations for the Chicago Cubs, bringing with him Jed Hoyer as the new GM. Ricketts now has his baseball guy to watch his baseball guy.  After the purchase of the team, Ricketts had two stated goals.  First, to build an infrastructure that develops talent from within.  Second, to field a team that can contend for the World Series every ...

Chicago Cubs To Hold Theo Epstein Press Conference Tuesday

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The Chicago Cubs and Boston Red Sox both announced on Friday that Theo Epstein will resign as a member of the Boston staff and finally join Chicago as their new President of Baseball Operations, with a press conference set for Tuesday out of respect for the World Series.The Cubs will reportedly go after San Diego Padres GM Jed Hoyer for their general manager position. Hoyer worked with Epstein in Boston as the assistant GM before leaving for the Padres.Boston will hold a press conference Tuesday as well, and will announce Epstein's replacement, Ben Cherington, who recently served as the team's assistant ...

Theo Epstein Officially Joins Cubs: 10 Steps for Cubs over Next 10 Days

October 22, 2011 by Matt Trueblood · Leave a Comment 

In the days since the initial announcement that Theo Epstein would take over the helm of the Chicago Cubs, Tom Ricketts has had his engine open to full throttle. Unfortunately, thanks to the stall tactics and unreasonable demands of the Boston Red Sox, Ricketts and the rest of the Cubs organization has been spinning its wheels in the deep muck of unproductive negotiations.Call this traction. Epstein's resignation from the Red Sox and assumption of power at Wrigley Field is official, according to a joint press release from the teams Friday.Compensation does not appear to be finalized, so we won't know ...

Theo Epstein Finally Escapes Boston Red Sox to Join Chicago Cubs

October 22, 2011 by Josh Martin · Leave a Comment 

We all knew Theo Epstein would leave his job as the general manager of the Boston Red Sox to join the Chicago Cubs' front office at some point. It was just a matter of timing.That timing—the middle of the 2011 World Series—resulted in a rather low-key joint statement released on Friday on behalf of both teams, announcing Theo's long-awaited move from Beantown to the North Side of Chicago. The Cubs and the Red Sox will refrain from further comment until Tuesday, the next off day during the Fall Classic.Epstein will take over as President of Baseball Operations for the Cubs ...

Theo Epstein to Cubs Official: What Are the Next Steps?

October 22, 2011 by Bob Warja · Leave a Comment 

ESPN reported tonight that the deal is now official. Theo Epstein has resigned as a member of the Boston Red Sox and is the new Cubs President of Baseball Operations. Bruce Levine was on ESPN TV just now saying that the threat of Bud Selig getting involved as a mediator possibly helped move the two sides to close this deal. After weeks of wrangling, the two sides have agreed to allow Epstein to come to the Cubs although no compensation has been announced. Once the compensation is determined, the two sides will announce it, and if they cannot come to an ...

Chicago Cubs: Tom Ricketts Is Finally Proving to Be a Great MLB Owner

October 21, 2011 by Jeff Chase · Leave a Comment 

There is no reason to crown the Chicago Cubs' Tom Ricketts as the world's greatest owner, but I don't think any Cubs' fan can argue that he isn't making the moves to give Chicago their best chance at contention. While waiting on the arrival of newly hired Theo Epstein, the Cubs have supposedly snagged another big name in Jed Hoyer. Hoyer, of course, is the San Diego Padres' general manager. If that move gets done it looks as if Chicago will be looking to bring back the magic that happened for Boston in 2004 and 2007. What is so great about these ...

Cubs Trade Rumors: 5 Vets Chicago Should Trade Now

October 21, 2011 by Brandon Lantz · Leave a Comment 

The dynamic duo of Epstein and Hoyer are on their way to Chicago. As they remake the team in their image, let's look at a number of Chicago Cubs currently in their prime who could have the most trade value this offseason. It will be sad to see some of them go, but when the Cubs finally get good again, sadly they will no longer be. Begin Slideshow

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