MLB Trade Ideas: Carlos Zambrano to the Yankees and 5 Moves the Cubs Should Make

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As is usual, June is right around the corner and the post-season hopes of the Cubs are already down the drain.Five games under .500 (23-28), seven-and-a-half games out of first place and seven games out of a wild card position have placed the Cubs solely in a seller's position.Just two years after Tom Ricketts "saved" the Chicago Cubs organization from the hands of the fledgling Tribune Company, its time for Ricketts to display the baseball acumen he appeared to have when he spoke of obtaining “continued long term success...through superior scouting and player development."If the Cubs are to put a continuous winner on the field, they will ...

2011 Fantasy Baseball Projections: Buy or Sell Chicago Cubs’ Aramis Ramirez?

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Aramis Ramirez has averaged 28 HR, 96 RBI and a .295 batting clip a year since 2004, despite missing 118 games over the last two seasons.His torrid 2010 second half (15 HR, 51 RBI in 62 games) led many (myself included) to believe Ramirez would return to his former 25-HR, 100-RBI days this season, but he has yet to produce as such. The soon-to-be 33-year-old third basemen whacked just his second dinger of the season on Sunday and sported a .280 batting clip in 175 at-bats entering the game. The questions rises, then: Is Aramis Ramirez a good buy-low candidate? When looking at Ramirez’s 2011 ...

Chicago Cubs Fans: Good News, Help is on the Way

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For those of you Cubs fans who don't pay a whole lot of attention to the Cubs' farm sysyem, you may want to start. because there is some real talent there.I take you to Daytona Beach. Right now the Daytona Cubs are 37-12. Yes, that is correct, 37-12. That is an outstanding record in any league. Currently the Cubs have won 10 straight. In many of those game they have come from behind late. Tuesday they trailed 7-4 with two out in the seventh. Three home runs later they won 9-7. Tonight they were down 5-0 in the sixth. They ...

Chicago Cubs: Is Starlin Castro Becoming One of MLB’s Top Shortstops?

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Starlin Castro's Cubs blew out the New York Mets last night at Wrigley Field, 11-1.Castro was a huge part of the game, with three hits in five at-bats, a triple and two RBIs.That performance increased his average to .330, which is the highest for all MLB shortstops. The next closest guy—Mets star shortstop Jose Reyes—is .16 points behind Castro.Do you see a connection here?Castro is slowly becoming one of the best NL shortstops—and possibly in the MLB.The best part is that he is only 21. As Gary Cohen said on last night's SNY broadcast, Castro is young enough to have ...

MLB Free Agency: 5 Reasons Albert Pujols Will Be a Chicago Cub

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Over the last few months, I’ve spent some time unpacking the Albert Pujols quandary, aka the biggest dilemma St. Louis has seen since this. (OK, perhaps even bigger.) For those of you non-baseball fans who stumbled over this article on your way to a website like this, or for those who spent February pretending to be Chilean miners, Pujols called a moratorium on contract talks as of Feb. 16. Still, speculation has run rampant on whether the Cardinals will trade Pujols (though he has stated publicly he will block trades), wait for the offseason to re-sign him or simply let ...

2011 Chicago Cubs: Are Starlin Castro and Darwin Barney the Real Deal?

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What is it about Chicago Cubs prospects that always leaves us with an unsettled feeling in our stomachs, as though we’ve just spent a night partying wildly and, though we feel fine now, we know this is all going to come back to hurt us soon enough? In theory, this should be an optimistic time for Cubs fans. With the emergence last season of shortstop Starlin Castro and outfielder Tyler Colvin, combined with the emergence this season of Darwin Barney, the words “young” and “promising” are being bandied about in regard to a team that just a couple of years ...

Chicago Cubs: Fans Finally Taking a Stand Against Mediocrity

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For years, Wrigley Field was seen as somewhat of an afternoon party spot.  Regardless of the product placed on the field, Cubs fans and casual fans alike would flock to the friendly confines on Chicago's north side.  Never mind the fact that the Cubs had not won a World Series in nearly a century—the beer was cold, the atmosphere was pleasant and a seat inside Wrigley Field was like experiencing Americana firsthand.  Over the course of nearly 30 years, former owner of the Chicago Cubs, the Tribune Company, transformed the Cubs into a national baseball icon.  The Cubs went from ...

Chicago Cubs: 5 Reasons the Cubs Can Still Contend in Wide-Open NL Central

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The Chicago Cubs entered the 2011 season as a team in the midst of rebuilding.  Having finished 5th in the NL Central just one year ago and traded long-time cornerstone first baseman Derrek Lee, expectations for the Cubs were slim for 2011.Now, a little more than a quarter into the 2011 season, there may be hope for Cubs fans after all.  At 20-25 and just 6.5 games back in a wide-open NL Central, the Cubs are—believe it or not—still in contention.  Here's why Cubs fans shouldn't abandon hope just yet.Begin Slideshow

Chicago Cubs: Tom Ricketts and 5 Cubs Who Need to Step It Up

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With a quarter of the MLB season completed, the Chicago Cubs sit 6.5 games behind the first-place St. Louis Cardinals. A season of ups and downs, mostly downs, can still be saved if... wait, who are we kidding? This is a horrible baseball team and a horror to the eye. Instead of needlessly praying for Tony Campana and James Russell to lead this team to a division title, here are five things that must occur in order to make Cubs games watchable again.   Begin Slideshow

Fans Still Like Interleague Games

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You might have heard derogatory comments recently from Detroit Tigers manager Jim Leyland and Atlanta third baseman Chipper Jones about Interleague play, but their opinions are not shared by most baseball fans. Most people like Interleague play because it matches up teams that rarely play each other, like the Chicago Cubs and Boston Red Sox, who are meeting at Fenway Park this weekend for the first time since 1918. And not only do fans like Interleague play, most team owners like it. Interleague play began in 1997 and according to Major League Baseball, attendance in those games is up almost ...

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